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As a leader in peanuts Agricultural sector, Owaninate Oasis owned ability to provide highest performance services to many partners and customers


Owainate Oasis Cultivating between 8000 – 15000 acres seasonally with high production capacity of many crops specially Groundnuts / Peanuts Continue Reading


We own all our agricultural machinery from plows, tractors, harvesters, harrows and planters of the best international species and we maintain and renew periodically.
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Owainate provides Land Reclamation Services to a diverse clientele including Government, Utilities, Renewable Energies, and water resources.

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We Provide top performance agricultural crops specially Peanuts, seeds, and grain, with biggest station for sorting, grading, and packing in MENA.
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About Owainate Oasis

Peanuts, Groundnuts top exporter in Egypt, fast Growing Agribusiness

Why you will choose Owainate Oasis?

After more than 19 years of experience in agriculture, manufacturing and trade in the local and international market, and passing many challenges, the most important of which was agricultural development and reclamation.
The company developed its marketing policies for the European markets until it acquired the largest base of European customers.
The company obtained the first position in the export of Egyptian peanuts to the European market for several years with the volume of exports exceeding 41% of the Egyptian product. It also produced large quantities for local companies for export, our products export exceeds 52% of Egypt’s peanut exports to Europe, which is estimated at 32% of European peanut imports.
The company follows all international standards in agriculture, management and manufacturing and has obtained many international certificates in quality and excellence, (GLOBAL GAP – ORGANIC CERTIFICATE – ISO 22000 – HACCP – BRC-BSCI) and we are on our way to obtain” IFS “. (more…)

Facts And Figure About Owainate Oasis

Owainate Oasis Achieved many successes in cultivation, reclamation, manufacturing, trading, and Exporting


Acres Cultivated Yearly


International Happy Customer


Tonnes of Peanuts yearly


Tonnes of Food production

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